Teliani Valley
Georgia Lechkhumi
87 POINTS Wine Spectator 2012
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About Wine
Tsolikouri, roughly translates as “my wife’s wine”, and is an expression of love. Made with Tsolikouri grapes sourced from the Lechkhumi region high in the Caucasus Mountains of the country of Georgia, this wine has a bright, crisp acidity, notes of green apple and pear and a clean finish. Perfect for a wide range of food from salads to pork.
Wine Making & Technical Details
14% alcohol
Stainless steel Fermentation
Tasting Notes
bright, crisp acidity, notes of green apple and pear and a clean finish.
Food Pairing
White fish
Points of Distinction
• Light
• Crisp
About Tsolikouri
Synonym names of the variety are Tsolikauri, Obtchuri Tsolikouri, Melkos Tsolikauri, Kakhidzis Tsolikauri and Kobakhidsis Tsolikauri. The cultivar Tsolikouri is able to produce high quality wines and is resistant to the main fungal diseases. It is widely spread in whole Western Georgia. It is included in the official list of grapevine varieties, recommended for cultivation in Georgia. The lower surface of the leaf blade is covered with felt hairs. The petiole is equal to the main vein. The bunch is medium size (120g), wide conical, sometimes winged and medium dense. The berry is medium size, rounded and yellow-greenish. The flesh is juicy. The time of ripening is in the middle of October. The yield is high (8.0-10.0 t/ha). Tsolikouri is resistant towards the main fungal diseases. Resistance to frost is low. The juice contains 17.0-25.0 % of sugar and 6.0-10.0 g/l of total acidity. Tsolikouri table wines are energetic, fresh and light yellow. During aging in a oak barrels, the wines acquire a soft bouquet.
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