About Lukasi
Founded in 2011 by husband and wife, Lukasi Winery has arisen due to a combination of passion and a love of quality wine for family use. The name of the brand comes after the eldest son Luka. After having received great popularity among a close circle of connoisseurs in 2013 the Lukasi winery began to sell its wine on a commercial basis. From the onset the reception was extremely positive and the winery began to receive recognition. The boutique wines are known for their exceptional quality, design, balance and terrior expression. Only the most select grape is used to produce the wine. The quality of the grapes is carefully monitored and they are harvested under very specific conditions. Each step in the production is controlled to produce exclusive wine.
Lukasi Saperavi 2014
The Lukasi Saperavi 2014 is now available in the US.

Plummy, dark berries, smooth and refined in the nose with licorice and tar bits at the edges. Leather notes on the palate with a full but refined body, strong acidity and lingering finish. Wonderfully integrated tannins. A wine that could be aged longer and will most definitely benefit from it, but is very ready now.
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