Dilao Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane 2015
Georgia Kakheti
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About Wine
This is a 50%-50% blend of Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes fermented and made in qvevri (large clay jars buried under the ground). This is an Amber or "Orange" wine style, but made in a lighter style with only 1 month of skin contact. It is a perfect introduction to the style.

Dilao (dee-la-oh) is a new brand from the Teleda/Orgo winery with the ambition to make fantastic Georgian Qvevri wines that can promote traditional Georgian wine techniques among a broad segment of the US market by over delivering on story and quality for the price.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Grapes: 50% Rkatsiteli 50% Mtsvane
Fermentation: Qvevri
Aging: Qvevri and stabilization in stainless steel
Yeast: Wild/Airborne
Sulfites: Low - Very small amounts added prior to bottling
Unfiltered Natural Wine
Tasting Notes
A bouquet of floral aromas thanks to the Mtsvane, good acidity thanks to Rkatsiteli and lighter softer tannin on the finish due to less time on the skins. Delicious to explore with food.
Food Pairing
• Salads
• Salmon
• Poultry
Points of Distinction
• Natural Qvevri Wine
• Amber Wine
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