Teliani Valley
Georgia Lechkhumi / Tvishi DOC
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About Wine
Tvishi is a semi-sweet wine produced from Tsolikouri grapes sourced from the Tvish viticulture district in Lechkhumi located high in the Caucasus mountains. Tvishi is a naturally semi-sweet wine (fermentation stopped by temperature control) made in stainless steel. Tvishi is closer to a Riesling in it sugar content, acidity and flavor profile.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Varietal: 100% Tsolikouri
Residual Sugar: 35 grams/liter
Winemaking: Stainless Steel
Tasting Notes
Tvishi takes all of the fruits that are in the dry version of Tsolikouri and blows them up. Aromatic, fruity nose followed by notes of green apple, pear and apricot, balanced with acidity offer a crisp finish.
Food Pairing
• Fresh Fruit
• Cheese Platters
• Nuts
Points of Distinction
• Naturally Semi-sweet white
• Crisp
• Balanced
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