Shalauri Wine Cellars
Shalauri Wine cellars is a new small artisanal wine producer that is passionate about traditional natural Georgian Wine produced in Qvevri. Shalauri saw their first vintage completed in 2013 with a portfolio including Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Saperavi all exclusively produced in Qvevris in their new beautiful cellar. All of their 2013 wines are shockingly good, full of authenticity and vision. If you love qvevri wine you must try Shalauri Wine Cellars.
Shalauri Wines now Available in US
Shalauri Mtsvane, Shalauri Saperavi, Shalauri Rkatsiteli are all now available in the US. All three of the unique natural wines single out one of Georgia's indigenous varietals and capture the sense of place that each of them have.