Jakeli Organic Vineyards Profile

Our vineyard is set up at 760 m above the sea level at South-west foothill of TsivGombori (means Cold Gombori) mountain range.

Soil types are alluvial-carbonaceous. Soil profile layer is near 1 m and active humus layer is about 30-50 cm with 1.5-2.55% in upper layer and less deep. Mechanical composition of the soil is chestnut-brown quite rich in lime, skeletal – clay, sand, stones. Carbonates are medium 7.5-8.5. Generally soil in Khashmi is less fertile which premises of high-quality wine in the micro zone.

We never irrigate the vineyard and last 7 years do not cultivate it to allow soil food web develop and improve its structure. We scythe (cut) the grass when it gets quite high and leave it in the vineyard as mulch. We use organic fertilizers as live-stock manure in 5-6 years once and nettle-tea.

Climate is close to continental - hot days and cool nights. Precipitation during whole year about 600 mm but second part of the summer is quite hot and droughty. Vegetation period lasts about 210 days and average temperature of this period is 18.5 degree and active temperature sum is about 3400-3700. Harvest time in our vineyard is 1-15 October mostly.