• 12 DC Gems With Georgian Wine

    Leading D.C. Sommeliers and Chef’s are Urging Washingtonians to Discover Georgia: the Birthplace of Wine and the Next Big Wine Region. Georgia, the country not the state, boasts the oldest winemaking tradition in the world dating back 8,000 years, 525 unique varietals and downright delicious wines.
  • Orgo 2014: Stunning Qvevri Wines

    Interested in amber wine? Want to know what natural Georgian wines are all about? Grab a bottle of the new 2014 Orgo Saperavi and 2014 Orgo Rkatsiteli. Discover fresh and elegant natural Qvevri wines. Made from 50-80 year old vines by the Dakishvili family in qvevri in their centuries old marani (wine cellar)...
  • Georgian Wine Succeeds in 2015

    The Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Financial Times, NPR, Mashable, National Geographic and many others in 2015 named Georgia as a major wine destination, and gave Georgian wines their highest praise. Read 5 Reasons Why 2015 Was the Best Year for Georgian Wines in the US...
  • 5 Georgian Wines to Try

    Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post wrote a compelling article on Georgian wines entitled "Why should you get to know Georgian wines? Because they’re exciting." In which he recommends 5 wines including Teliani Valley Tsinandali, Orgo Kisi, Orgo Saperavi and Jakeli Saperavi.
  • Schuchmann: Top 100 Wineries

    Schuchmann Wines which produces wines under the Schuchmann and Vinoterra labels was awarded Top 100 Wineries in 2015 in the world by Wine & Spirits Magazine. Schuchmann is the first Georgian winery to receive this honor. In particular the editors recognized Schuchmann Mtsvane and Vinoterra Mtsvane...
95 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine
Rkatsiteli Tsarapi 2013 Our Wine
Soliko Tsaishvili's wines instantly transport you back to a crisp late October evening by a Kakhetian fireside, where friends are cooking mtsvadi (open fire grilled pork) in preparation for a feast. This 2013 Our Wine Rkatsiteli has as much character as its wine maker. Soliko started making wine as a hobby 30 years ago. He now farms 13.5 acres in Kakheti under biodynamics, some vineyards reaching 50 years old. Everything about this wine is done by hand by Soliko and his family destems the grapes and then adds some stems back along with the grapes in the traditional Georgian earthenware qvevri. After a spontaneous fermentation, the wine remains in the qvevri for about six months. That extended skin and stem contact makes for gripping wine, almost more food than drink.
93 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine
Mtsvane 2014 Vinoterra
Vinoterra's Mtsvane is leading the way to a new renaissance of the Mtsvane (Mah-sa-vah-nay) grape varietal. Gogi Dakishvili started the Vinoterra Brand back in 2003 to help preserve traditional Georgian Qvevri wine making techniques by crafting commercial wines that communicate the distinct kakhetian style of qvevri wines while at the same time having broad appeal to markets that are unfamiliar with amber style wines. Burkhard Schuchmmann fell in love with the wines in 2008 and brought investment to grow the brand and winery. This extraordinary white wine goes through fermentation in large clay jar buried in the ground, called Qvevri. Maceration with skins, seeds, and stems is allowed for 6 months before racking.
92 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine
Saperavi 2012 Orgo
A strikingly elegant Saperavi made from 80 year old vines. The wine is fermented and aged in Qvevri (Large clay jars). Temuri Dakishvili sources the grapes from Kurdgelauri and Tsinandali villages in the Telavi district, on the right bank of the Alazani River. 2012 was Orgo's first vintage and boy was it a success. Approximately 3,000 bottles of the 2012 Saperavi were produce. It is a one of a kind juicy old vine Saperavi.
92 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine
Kisi 2012 Vinoterra
Kisi (pronounced Key-see) a rare varietal once almost extinct by the Soviets is on the rise again. Vinoterra made their first Kisi in 2006 when no one else was making a commercial Kisi. The 2006 Vinoterra Kisi has sparked a renaissance of the Kisi varietal, now their is sufficient planting of the varietal that tens of winery are now producing Kisi wines. Each year Gogi Dakishvili makes a limited amount of Kisi in the traditional qvevri style with 6 months of skin contact. Kiss tends to be more Aromatic then Rkatisteli but with sound structure, aggressive tannin and balance acidity. It is a perfect varietal for the Kakhetian style ready for aging.
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