Khvanchkara 2015
Teliani Valley
Georgia Khvanchkara - Racha
90 POINTS Wine Enthusiast 2017
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About Wine
Khvanchkara wine was one of the most popular wines in the Soviet Union, thus great legends and misconceptions swirl around this fantastic style of wine. True Khvanchkara wine must be a blend of two indigenous Georgian red varietals, Mujuretuli and Alexandreuli sourced only from the AOC of Khvanchkara located in the Racha district high-up in the Caucasus mountains. The amazing naturally semi-sweet style of wine from this tiny remote viticulture district has very limited production an historically sold at a premium price. With the fall of the Soviet union, producers in other post soviet country's took advantage of relaxed regulation to bottle any old semi-sweet under the name "khvanchkara." Since then the Georgian government has worked to reclaim the brand by registering it in Europe. Teliani Valley prides itself on producing authentic Georgian wines. They buy grapes directly from growers in khvanchkara and processes their wine there. Beware of any Khvanchkara on the market where you don't find the grape varietals listed and doesn't explicitly say that it was sourced from the Racha region.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Grapes: Mujuretuli, Alexandreuli
Fermentation: Stainless Steel
Residual Sugar: 35g/l
No Oak Influence
Tasting Notes
A dark ruby colored wine with a lovely berry aromas. Silky and Velvety on the tongue this wine has a burst of fresh red berry fruits, of wild raspberry, pomegranate and strawberry and some sweetness balanced with acidity and a touch of tannin.
Food Pairing
• Spicy Dumplings
• Fresh Fruit
• Blue Cheese and Nuts
Points of Distinction
• Sweet but not too sweet
• Silky and Velvety
• Rare and Authentic
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