Rkatsiteli 2014
Georgia Kisiskhevi, Kakheti
91 POINTS Wine & Spirits Magazine 2014
89 POINTS Wine Enthusiast 2014
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About Wine
This white or "Amber" wine is made from 100% Rkatsiteli grapes. For those of you who are not accustomed to white wines that are made with skin contact, the Orgo Rkatsiteli 2014 is your best chance to start enjoying this style of wines. While rich in flavors, this is still a very friendly wine with light tannins. The wine is fermented and then aged in Qvevri for approximately 6 months, using skin contact for the entire period of the Qvevri aging. The darker color is determined by the longer skin contact, by the age of the vine trees, and by the terroir.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Grapes: 100% Rkatsiteli
Fermentation: Qvevri
Maceration: 6 months
Yeast: Wild/Airborne
Sulfites: Low
Filtration: Unfiltered
Tasting Notes
The 2014 vintage in contrast to the 2013 and 2012 is all about freshness. Starting from the bouquet this wine jumps out at you with characteristic honeyed stone fruit but fresher as opposed to dried. The acidity is more prominent in this vintage and the tannin is softer and integrated.
Food Pairing
Wow, what doesn't this vintage pair with? This wine is so versatile with its acidity and tannin this wine is meant to go with a wide range of food. Try it with pork loin, trout, creamy pastas and for fun a beef braise.
Points of Distinction
• Old Vines
• Fresh and Elegant
• Natural Qvevri Wine
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