Rkatsiteli 2014
Chateau Mukhrani
Georgia Kartli
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About Wine
Made from 100% Rkatsiteli grapes from estate grown vineyards in the Kartli region. The Chateau Mukhrani Rkatsiteli represents a Rkatstieli wine sourced from the Kartli region in central Georgia as opposed to Kakheti. It offers a distinctly European take on the varietal off a crisp fresh version with citrus, melon and prominent minerality.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Type: Dry White
Vintage: 2014
Volume: 750 ml
Best enjoyed at: 10°C - 12°C
Alcohol: 13.0%
Tasting Notes
The colour of straw with a green tinge. Bouquet of golden plums and white mulberry elegantly blended with tropical overtones. Lively fresh taste, impressive mulberry and citrus fruit with a refreshing acidity. Soft and plentiful body. Excellent expressed vinosity.

Vineyard & Grapes: 100% Château Mukhrani grapes. The vines are treated manually. Crop size is controlled by pruning and canopy management. The vineyard is adjacent to the Winery. During the harvest, the lead time from grape picking to reception and crushing at the winery is within 7 to 12 minutes.

Yield: max 10 T/ha equivalent to 65-70 Hl/ha

Method of harvest: Hand picking to ensure the highest quality of fruit

Vinification: The grapes are transferred into vibrating bins and then moved on an extremely gentle conveyor belt to the crusher. De-stemming and immediate chilling of the must at 5-6оC while being transferred for de-juicing or skin maceration under strict ambient inert gas with in-line injection, as well as inert conditions in the tank space. Free run separation and juice settling under temperature control. Decanted. Fermentation of clear juice at 14 to 15оC using only selected yeast species. Elevage by means of “Sur Lie”. Style, balance and preparation for bottling. Bottling is done under the highest standards protecting the wine from all possibilities for quality issues.
Food Pairing
• Fish
• Poultry
Points of Distinction
• Citrus Notes
• Fresh
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