Saperavi 2013
Chateau Mukhrani
Georgia Kartli
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About Wine
100% Saperavi from Chateau Mukhrani's estate owned vineyards. Saperavi Is Georgia’s endemic varietal and has all the noble characteristics making it one of the world’s most outstanding red wines. Saperavi is a rich, varietal, fruity wine of bountiful body and great vinosity. Chateau Mukhrani Saperavi's style is European accentuating spice
Wine Making & Technical Details
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2013
Volume: 750 ml
Best enjoyed at: 14°C - 17°C after sufficient contact with air
Alcohol: 12.5%

Vineyard & Grapes: 100% of Château Mukhrani vineyards. Manually cared for during pruning and canopy management. Crop size is also controlled by pruning and if needed by so called “Green Harvest”. The vineyard is adjacent to the winery and hand-picked within 7 to 12 minutes before being crushed.

Yield: average 6-7 T/ha, equivalent to 45-50 Hl/ha

Method of harvest: Selective hand picking to reach the highest quality of fruit

Vinification: Grapes delivered into vibrating reception bins with extremely gentle travel machines to the crusher. De-stemming, fermentation using cultured yeast species and/or wild fermentation all under strict temperature control at about 22-24°C. Extraction using pump-over, delestage and punching (for small batches). Oxygenation of the ferments. Pressing on a membrane and/or basket presses. 15 to 25% pressings join back to the free run. MLF is done only after 7 to 8 months from finishing alcoholic fermentation for the purpose to polymerize tannins and balance the body. Individual wines are blended to the final style and 20% of the blend goes into French, American and Caucasian oak barrels. Once mature enough, wine from the barrels joins its other part and only then is prepared for bottling. Filtration is as course as possible with regards to the wine and the vintage specifics to retain the unique varietal characteristics. Bottling is done under highest standards protecting the wine from all possibilities for quality issues.
Tasting Notes
Colour of opulent ruby. Bouquet of black mulberry, blackberry and cherry. Palate echoes with spice and soft oak. Exuberant, yet velvety tannins are well balanced within the entire structure. The wine has excellent expressed vinosity. With age it may develop diamond-crystalline deposits, further showing its noble origin and revered handling.
Food Pairing
• Red meat
• Fried or stewed game with spices
• Aged cheeses
Points of Distinction
• European style
• Spice and Earth
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