Goruli Mtsvane 2014
Chateau Mukhrani
Georgia Kartli
88 POINTS Wine & Spirits Magazine 2014
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About Wine
Goruli Mtsvane (pronounced Go-roo-lee Mah-ts-vah-nay) is Georgia’s endemic and unique white varietal from the Kartli region. It is distinct from the Kakhuri Mtsvane varietal which is cultivated in Kakheti region. Goruli Mtsvane has been cultivated for centuries and is known for is mineral characteristics, refreshing and crisp European style whites wines.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Type: Dry White
Vintage: 2014
Volume: 750 ml
Best enjoyed at: 10°C - 12°C
Alcohol: 12.5%

Vineyard & Grapes: 100% Château Mukhrani grapes. All manually treated for pruning and canopy management. Crop size is also controlled by pruning and if needed by so called “Green Harvest”. Vineyards are adjacent to the winery. The crop is manually picked within 7 to 12 minutes before being crushed.

Yield: max 8 T/ha, equivalent to 50-55 Hl/ha

Method of harvesting: Selective Hand picking to ensure the highest quality of fruit

Vinification: Grapes are transferred into vibrating reception bins and then moved on an extremely gentle conveyor belt to the crusher. Destemming and immediate chilling of the must at 5 to 6°C while transferring for de-juicing or skin maceration under strict inert gas ambient with in-line injection as well as inert conditions in the tank space. Free run separation and juice settling under a temperature controlled environment. Decantation. Fermentation of clear juice at 14 to 15°C using only selected yeast species. Elevage by means of «sur lie». Style balance and preparation for bottling. Bottling is done under the highest standards protecting the wine from all possibilities for quality hazard.
Tasting Notes
Colour is green to light yellow straw. The bouquet is rich with white and yellow plum fruit blended with citrus. Palate is softly fruity with alive & refreshing acidity. Excellent expressed vinosity, common to all Georgian wines, brings all the characteristics out to the full.
Food Pairing
•Crisp salads
Points of Distinction
•Rare Varietal
•Crisp and Clean
Learn about Goruli Mtsvane
Not to be confused with the Kakhetian Mtsvane, this “Gori's Green” has a variety of alternative names and synonyms. Commercially, however, it is labelled consistently as Goruli Mtsvane.

The variety is mostly planted in the alluvial soils along the Mtkvari River including the Ateni Valley. Apart its several synonyms, Goruli Mtsvane is also exhibits considerable intra-variety variability; some can be low-yielding but suffer poor flowering or berry drop, especially if the weather is unstable. A relatively vigorous vine, bud-burst occurs in mid- to late-April and ripens in middle to late September (though harvest can be delayed if the weather is inclement). Thick-skinned, the berry is yellow-green and medium-sized. The bunches are cone-shaped and winged. Goruli Mtsvane is relatively resistant to downy mildew with average frost resistance. A variety with delicate high-toned aromatics, it oxidizes easily, and is often blended with Rkatsiteli or Chinuri to bolster its structure and inhibit oxidation. One of Georgia’s lighter-bodied wines, Goruli Mtsvane is best drunk when young and fresh, when its floral, lime, and subtle honeyed notes are crisp and most vibrant. Goruli Mtsvane is also blended with Chinuri and Budeshuri Tetri for sparkling wines, most notably the PDO Atenuri.
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