Royal Cuvee 2007
Bagrationi 1882
Georgia Kartli
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About Wine
Bagrationi 1882 Royal Cuvee is produced in the Traditional Method, also known as Méthode Champenoise. The grapes are handpicked, hand sorted and whole cluster
pressed. A second alcohol fermentation takes place in the bottle. The fermentation process, which generates carbon dioxide, dissolves into the wine under pressure and creates the all important bubbles. The bottles are stored neck down and turned slightly every day to collect the yeast. This process is called “riddling.” The plug of yeast is then removed through disgorging without allowing the sparkling wine to escape. The Bagrationi 1882 Royal Cuvee requires a minimum of one year to create a very delicate and complex sparkling wine. This 2007 is an excellent vintage, improving with age.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Method: Traditional (Method Champenoise)
Grape Variety: 100% Chinebuli (aka Chinuri)
Tasting Notes
Aromas of lemon/lime, melon and apple fill the bouquet. Flavors of apple, nectarine and orange blossom are prominent throughout the palate while the crisp, refreshing finish features additional citrus notes. - Scott Greenberg, DC Examiner
Food Pairing
• By the Glass
• Cheese Platters
• Strawberries
Points of Distinction
• Method Champenoise
• Bright Crisp
• 2007 Vintage
About Chinebuli
Chinebuli (Kartli region) grape clusters are big, cylindrical, thin-skinned berries with a fleshy, juicy pulp. Also known as Chinuri, the Chinebuli grape is found only in Georgia. Chinebuli grapes are primarily used in the making of premium sparkling wines.
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