Kisi 2012
Georgia Kakheti
92 POINTS Wine & Spirits Magazine 2012
92 POINTS Wine & Spirits Magazine 2011
89 POINTS Wine Enthusiast 2012
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About Wine
Kisi (pronounced Key-see) a rare varietal once almost extinct by the Soviets is on the rise again. Vinoterra made their first Kisi in 2006 when no one else was making a commercial Kisi. The 2006 Vinoterra Kisi has sparked a renaissance of the Kisi varietal, now their is sufficient planting of the varietal that tens of winery are now producing Kisi wines. Each year Gogi Dakishvili makes a limited amount of Kisi in the traditional qvevri style with 6 months of skin contact. Kisi tends to be more Aromatic then Rkatisteli but with sound structure, aggressive tannin and balance acidity. It is a perfect varietal for the Kakhetian style ready for aging.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Grapes: 100% Kisi
Fermentation: Qvevri
Maceration: 6 months
Yeast: Wild/Airborne
Filtration: Unfiltered
Tasting Notes
From Wine & Spirits Magazine: "Kisi’s sweet, golden apple and Bartlett pear flavors gain richness from time spent in earthenware qvevri, brown sugar notes joining tannic skin tones to create a warm, earthy symphony of flavor. The wine lasts, a rich minor chord of juicy, autumnal flavor, the acidity in the wine carrying an energy like a piano string vibrates with sound."
Food Pairing
• Grilled Pork
* Roast Chicken
Points of Distinction
• Top Rated Georgian Wine
• Tannic and Dry
• Natural Qvevri Wine
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