Georgian House of Greater Washington (Georgian Wine House) is the premier Georgian wine importer in the US with operations based in Maryland. Since 2006 Georgian Wine house has been searching Georgia for exceptional wines and building partnerships with quality winemakers and brands.


Our Mission is to tell the untold story of Georgian wines to the US. Georgia has been making wine for over 8,000 years, yet most Americans are not aware that it is even a country let alone a wine producing country. Our mission is to share the beauty and delicious taste of Georgian wines with the US and to help people experience something more than what they have already tasted. To all those who Drink Different, we salute you!


Our Vision is to see a time when all wine shops across the US will have a dedicated Georgian wine section. 28 million Americans buy wine a year; our goal is to see each one of those 28 million people buy at least one bottle of Georgian wine per year. We increasingly see that the American wine drinker is searching for a unique wine experience beyond the saturated Chardonnay and Pinot Noir markets. We strongly believe that Georgian wines can meet that desire with its unparalleled 8,000 year old history, story of winemaking and delicious wines.

Georgian Wine House started off in 2005 as a group of Georgian wine enthusiasts with the vision of bringing high-quality Georgian wines to the US market. In the last decade we have grown into the leading Georgian wine importers in the US with the greatest market penetration. We focus on building strong partnerships with our wineries, distributors, retailers and customers. We trust our partners to create singularly unique wines and we trust our consumers to recognize the unmatched character of Georgian wines.

Georgian Wine House is a growing company. We post our current job openings here. We are always looking for qualified and enthusiastic sales members. If you are interested please contact us.