About the Discovery of Apolon Kereselidze 

The how Kereselidze Wine Cellar project to bring tradiotional winea begins in 2006, when in a foggy night my friends and I were traveling  to my village in Racha Region while We met a broken car. We helped them to get to their home and for thanksgiving we were invited open a qvevri and have some special wine. for some reason we couldn’t stay and my childhood dream passed away. Disillusioned by the previous daywe went to find some wine. we were advised to visit Apolon’s family. We got there to buy 1 litre Khvanchkara (its price was 25 Gel for the litre). Family got it in 700 liter qvevri. They’ve seen our desire opened up qvevri, drank 1 liter per person, and presented by red and white wines we were thinking as it was a dream. After that year my visit in Apolon’s Family was frequent and came to wine making business. So who like Kereselidze Wines please do have a toast for the man I met accidently in Racha who advised me to visit Apolons family