About the Kereselidze Winery
Kereselidze Wine Cellar – a family type winery is located in the Western Georgia – Region of Racha, village dzirageuli. The Kereselidze family has more than 200 year old tradition of wine making including a 200 year old hollowed out lime tree that is used for wine fermentation. Apolon Kereselidze – a viticulturist and wine maker is following in his parent and grandparents footsteps and continuing the family winemaking tradition. The principal purpose of Kereselidze Family Wine cellar is to represent our share of Georgia, which is completely reflected in the nature of our family wine.
Kereselidze Rare Grapes, Great Wine
Apolon Kereselidze has been protecting the rare indigenous grape varieties that his family has passed down to him: Rachuli Mtsvane and Rachuli Tetra. When ruled by the Soviet Union Georgia, and in particular Racha, saw many of its indigenous grape varieties go extinct and replaced mostly by Tsolikouri. Tsolikouri, which is a great variety in its own right, had better yields causing it to be a Soviet favorite. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Racha, which is a poorer region, saw many families leave to the capital Tbilisi to find work. Also many vineyards were lost and converted to sustenance farming. In the late 2000's there was a large market demand for red varieties and many more vineyards were replanted to capitalize on the demand from the Russian market. Despite all this the Kereselidze family has stayed in their homeland and continued to protect their vineyards and grapes and now we are able to participate in their preservation.
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