Meet the Team at Préselő Winery

Zsolt Preselo Furmint

Zsolt Nagy (owner, winemaker): “It has been fifteen years since I have started to make wines in a relatively small vineyard close to Lake Balaton. In 2013, we decided to relocate our estate from Csopak  to Tokaj Region, which is my other favourite wine region. Since then we have been establishing this boutique winery together with my wife and Árpád Forming our "Préselő- team". We enjoy improving our winemaking experience through continuous learning and development.”

Gabriella Mészáros (owner, sommelier): “I was involved in and completed WSET and sommelier courses, and together with my husband, I also love wines as well as Tokaj wine region. It was a lot of work to establish both the winery and the guesthouse, but I feel now that we are already on the right track. I am responsible for arranging wine-tasting events and for organising satellite programs to local festivals and other events at our winery.”

Árpád Zöldi-Kovács (viticulturist, winemaker): “I manage all wine-growing and winemaking activities at the winery. I live in Erdőbénye, earlier I have been ane estate manager of another local winery for 10 years, and now I am responsible for the same tasks at Préselő Winery. I am in charge for the full range of viticultural works, I spend most of my days in the vineyards. In the cellar, I share the responsibility with Zsolt for the wines. It is a really inspiring role to take part in establishing a new winery!”

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