About Limba and Slovakian Vineyards

The village LIMBACH lies at the foot of Small Carpathians mountain range a bit out of conventional tourist routes - with the exception of the Small Carpathian Wine Road, which joins the traditional winery villages and towns in the vicinity of Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic.

Limbach is located in the South-Western part  of Slovakia, South-Eastern  part of the Small Carpathian Mountains. With an altitude of 181 m above the sea level , the climate  is rather warm with an average temperature of 8-10 °C.. The average monthly temperature in January is -1 to -3 °C. Number of summer days with a temperature of 25 °C and higher exceeds  60 days.

In the middle Ages the settlers of German and Austrian origin were invited by Hungarian rulers  to re-inhabit the territory. The new settlers brought new skills  e.g.  milling, and especially wine growing and wine production.  It brought fame and today is an integral part of Limbic.

We offer selected wines from  Limbach under unified brand called Limba. It is our goal to work with premium Slovakian winemakers in Limbach and pool our resource to help promote the region in the US.