About Holdvölgy Tokaj Winery
Holdvölgy, Hungarian for “Moon Valley”, started off as a heartfelt birthday present. Owner Pascal Demko’s French mother gifted a few vineyard plots to her Tokaj-native husband. Pascal has turned this tender gesture into the most exciting wine project in Hungary. Searching for vineyards commissioned by his mother, Pascal was enthralled by the quality and potential of regional soil. He ended up with 26 ha (65 acres) of prime vineyards in Mád Valley: 22 historic parcels in 7 originally classified Grand Crus of the region. The keys to producing quality wines here are an acute understanding of varying terroirs, combined with hand-tending and a careful parcel-by-parcel vine selection. The winery reflects its owner’s spirit of exceptionalism: an extremely modern establishment in perfect harmony with the rustic landscape. A century-old 2km (1.25 mile) cellar network crowns Holdvölgy’s assets.
Two Absolutely Mad Wines to Try
Holdvölgy produces two lines of Furmint based wines. The first is the "Hold and Hollo" line which is a blend of the three of the allowable white grapes grown in Tokaj: 65% Furmint, 30% Hárslevelu and 5% Muscat Lunel. This wine is perfectly balanced and interesting and more approachable. It was just given 90 Points by Wine Enthusiast.

The second line is under the winery name Holdvölgy. We work particularly with their "Vision" wine which is also a blend but of 65% Furmint, 25% Hárslevelu and 10% Kabar. This is a crispy wine highly reflective of terroir and perfect for food. It was just given 90 Points by Wine & Spirits Magazine.