About Holdvölgy Winery's Vineyards


Chief Winemaker: Tamás Gincsai Area of owned vineyards: 65 acres
Area of rented vineyards: none
First dry Furmint vintage: 2007
Vineyard Sites: Holdvölgy, Becsek, Nyulászó, Király, Kakasok, Dorgó-tető, Úrágya
Annual Production: 8300 Cases

In-depth :

Our winery is in the heart of the Tokaj wine region in Hungary, just a few miles from Europe’s geometric centre. The Mád basin holds a special position in the world of winegrowing because of its unique soil, macroclimate, and microclimate. Settled as early as the 15th century, Mád is identified in ancient documents as a borough. It was a meeting point for barons, counts, lords, and wine merchants, making it a pivotal location for winegrowing and the wine trade.

We have learned from the crus classification which are those parcels located in crus producing outstanding quality of vine over the centuries. Based on this ancestral knowledge we chose with great care our 22 parcels in 7 different crus. The soil of the Mád Basin is extremly rich and diverse which is reflected well in the various wines we produce. This is this diversity which also enables us to craft the unique style of our wines.