About Béres Winery's Vineyards


Area of owned vineyards: 111 acres 
Area of rented vineyards: none
First dry Furmint vintage: 2003 Vineyard
Sites: Lőcse, Diókút, Omlás
Annual Production: 8300 cases, 1750 of which being Furmint

In-depth :

he full area of our vineyard is 45 hectares consisting of the south-western slopes of Tolcsva-Peres Hill, the southern slopes of the Felhegy-Zsákos Hill, these are connected by the vineyard of Diókút Valley. Apart from the plantation our estate also includes half a hectare of plum orchard that was planted in 2006 (Besztercei type) and a further 47.5 hectares of forest and fields, part of which is suitable for planting vines.

The Wine Estate includes the traditionally known and reputable plots named Omlás, Diókút and Lőcse. The latter one got its name from the free royal town of Lőcse (today Levoca in Slovakia) as this area was held by the town 300 years ago. The rhyolitic tuff loess, the plots on the steep slopes (at some places it is 35 %) and the excellent microclimate guarantee the ecological background for vine growing.

Only the traditional Tokaj-Hegyalja types are grown on our estate in the following proportion: Furmint (51 per cent), Hárslevelű (23 per cent), Yellow muscatel (12 per cent), Kövérszőlő (7 per cent) and Zéta (7 per cent).

On average, our estate produces 100,000 bottles premium quality wine annually. With this output our winery is regarded as one of the prominent premium wineries of the Tokaj Wine Region. Our first wines are from 2003. This year gave us a very good start, thanks to the great weather, the yield limit and gentle processing. As a result of all this, our winery made its debut with beautiful wines. This promising beginning was followed by excellent wines and outstanding results in the next decade. Our portfolio includes light, reductive wines as well as wines with more body and specified origin of plot, such as Lőcse, Omlás Furmint and Diókút Hárslevelű. Our wines Naparany, Holdezüst and Magita Cuvée add further colours to the palette of products. Our pyramide is topped by our 5 and 6 Puttonyos Aszú and the Eszencia. Our alcohol free product, the 100 percent grape juice, Must is also popular with our customers. Other traditionally made products, such as the Béres Pezsegő sparkling wine and grape and plum palinkas are also available.