About Danieli Winery
Danieli Winery is a small family owned estate in the village of Argokhi in the Akhmeta region of Kakheti, Eastern Georgia. Danieli is a project passion started by a husband and wife Olaf Malver and Eka Tchvritidze. The philosophy of Danieli Winery is to rediscover, respect, and enrich Georgian Wines by honoring the land and local viticulture traditions as well as applying modern technological practices. All of Danieli's current wines are produce in "European style", produced with modern techniques and seeking after varietal purity and terroir.

So Why Danieli? Several years ago, Eka, and Olaf decided to tie the marital knot in the Georgian Orthodox Church, requiring Olaf to convert and be given a proper baptismal name — not an easy task, based on his Scandinavian Viking heritage. But thanks to the ingenuity of his spiritual mentor Adam, charged with assigning Olaf's baptismal name, the best solution came to the fore: “That Fellow Dane” – or Danieli, in Georgian! So next time you lift a fine glass of Danieli wine, feel inspired to toast “the dude from Denmark”!
Meet the Winemaking Team
George Babunidze, head winemaker, hails from a traditional winemaking family from Telavi and is one of the new cadre of young Georgian winemakers trained abroad and with a knowledge of modern winemaking practices. He received his M.S. degree in 2007 from the Georgian State Agricultural University and has also taken courses and practical training in German wineries and winemaking schools. Read more...

Bedzina Mekvevrishvili is Danieli's Vintner. He lives in the village of Magraani, where for more than 50 years his family has grown Kisi, Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grapes. He and his loyal local vineyard workers have been employed by Danieli Winery since 2011. Read more...
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