Bagrationi 1882: Georgian Sparkling Wines
Bagrationi 1882 is the leading sparkling wine house in Georgia. With a 80% domestic market share, Bagrationi 1882 has distinguished history, dating back to the Georgian prince, Ivane Bagrationi-Mukhraneli who began producing sparkling wine using the classic bottle fermentation method and in 1882 achieved international recognition. Substantial investment in new production technology today enables Bagrationi 1882 to employ both the Methode Traditionnelle originally developed for the production of fine champagne as well as the Method Charmat to create a range of sparkling wines perfect for a broad range of drinking occasions and palates.
Bagrationi Featured in the Boston Globe
Ellen Bhang of The Boston Globe gave a great recommendation of Bagrationi Classic brut writing "Winemakers craft native grapes like chinebuli (also known as chinuri), mtsvane, and tsitska into a frothy sparkler offering appetizing scents of apples and a touch of yeastiness. Mousse-like bubbles convey yeasty, almost savory aromas, leading to impressions of bruised apple, toast, and saline in the mouth. On the plate with this dry white: crispy fried chicken.