Bagrationi 1882 Vineyards

The country of Georgia is located at the exact same latitude (approx. 40° N) as Southern France and Central Italy. This is the latitude where some of the world’s finest vineyards are located. The grape varieties listed below are unique to the country of Georgia. Bagrationi 1882 has vineyards in three regions of Georgia.

Vineyard Regions

The Kartli region, located near Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, has hot dry summers with cool evenings that ripen the vines to perfection. 

The Imereti region in western Georgia has a micro climate and fertile black soil which creates the perfect environment for cultivating a range of grape varieties. 

The Kakheti region is a historic province nestled up against the Caucasus mountain range in eastern Georgia where 70% of the wine grapes are grown. 

Grape Varieties We Grow

Chinebuli (Kartli region) grape clusters are big, cylindrical, thin-skinned berries with a fleshy, juicy pulp. Also known as Chinuri, the Chinebuli grape is found only in Georgia. Chinebuli grapes are primarily used in the making of premium sparkling wines. 

Mtsvane (Kartli and Kakheti regions) is a white grape variety used for the production of premium dry wines which are delicate yet full of flavor. 

Tsitska (Imereti region) grapes are ideal for sparkling wine production.