Our Wine: A Bio-Dynamic Georgian Winery
Our wine is a family run winery led by wine maker Soliko Tsaishvili. Soliko produces wines according to bio-dynamic standards and was one of the first to do so in Georgia. Soliko's wines have as much character as he does; bold, rustic and authentic of place. You will find no other Georgian wines in the US that remind you more of a crisp fall night in Kakheti where you are gathered around a table of friends drinking toasts to love, friendship and wine than Solikos wines.
Our Wine Rkatsiteli: Alive and Well
Soliko produces wine that are alive, constantly changing adapting and maturing. Our Wine has two vineyard sources in the Gurjaani region of Kakheti; Akhoebi and Tsarapi. Each has their unique composition of grapes but the majority is Rkatsiteli. Soliko spends most of his days in his vineyards tending to the vines himself like his children (his actually ones are pictured on his labels.) He and his family do everything themselves and their love for each bottle shows.