Vinoterra: A Leader in Qvevri Wine Making
Vinoterra is a Schuchmann Wine brand that is Georgia's largest Qvevri wine producer. All Vinoterra wines utilize Qveveri, large clay jars buried underneath the ground, for fermentation maceration and aging. Started by famous Georgian wine Maker Gogi Dakishvili Vinoterra was one of the first commercial producers of Georgian qvevri wine on the international stage and has helped revive the industry. Since 2003 Vinoterra has been producing some of the highest quality and most appealing Georgian qvevri wines. Vinoterra's whites are Amber or "Orange" wines since they all see close to 6 months of skin contact. Vinoterra produces three dry whites: Vinoterra Rkatsiteli, Vinoterra Mtsvane and Vinoterra Kisi. They also produce reds such as the Vinoterra Saperavi.
Wine & Spirits Magazine has recently awarded Vinoterra Mtsvane as one of the Top 100 Wines of 2015. This wine is exemplary of amber or Orange wines. The Mtsvane grape shows off its characteristic aromatic style in the Vinoterra Mtsvane with balance and elegance. Fermentation, Maceration and aging of this unfiltered wine all take place in qvevri (kvevri) according to the 8,000 year old continuous Georgian tradition. We are honored that this great wine and Amber wine category are gaining the recognition they deserve. Learn more about Vinoterra Mtsvane